Secondary School Classmate Gathering at Cafe

Yo!!! I Just came back from CNY holidays and that also means I have to start from work againz. I am so envy for those who can work from next week Monday onwards. I am so lazy now but anyhow still need to upload something to my blog coz I have been not upload anything for almost one week.

Ok let come back to the title!!!! Before Chinese New Year start we have an (Confucian Seconday private school)Seconday classmate gathering at Pandah Indah Kafe’s cafe. So every year we have this event purpose to all of us can keep in touch to each with other. So the below pics was our organizer:

Ah Gan

Our class leader Ah Mok

The girl group photo

Mr Gan have prepare game for us. So all of us has to hold a card and cannot know our own card number. At the final the smallest card have to hear order of the biggest card number. I am busying capture picture that moment..lolz

Me and khai

Is been long time we never keep connect together already. Everybody seems busy talking about thier story, thier career and thier lifes. And yets there are classmate that we haven’t meet for few years.

Chuan soon, Ah Lian and Simon

Phang and Huan(came back from Taiwan)

So my post end up here. I am apologise for not showing out all the pic for the gathering due to uncharge battery problem but luckily there got another backup camera from Ah kwong. So you all can link to his site Hope you all dun mind and Gong xi Fatt Cai!!!

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20 thoughts on “Secondary School Classmate Gathering at Cafe

  1. Gan

    Woh! What an impressive website! Photo with well description. I like it very much. Thank you Wen Tian. Keep in touch.

  2. fattien

    Gan : Yo, thankz for visiting. Sorry that I just confuse you were the only organizer for the gathering lolz. Do often come back visit ya!!!!

    Ahkwong : dun be like thatlah, since u took the most photo of that day so u most show out a bit mah/

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  4. FuLong

    Wah….. I almost can’t recorgnize koh boh leh….. Y so big different once ??
    The only no change is her smile !!!

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