Resolutions for year 2008

Oh well!!! It could be late for me to write this resolution for year 2008 and it make me few like I am older already. regarding to my resolutions last year I did achieve something but I did failure for something. This would be a very long post and hope you all dun mind I old long gas datuk..okie.

Failure for 2007
I can’t slim down at year 2007 but even get worst..lolz.
I fail to develop and I don’t even want to do it anymore. I have to said bye for this site as a reason is was work by a team and since this we have breakup then I also forget about it.
I still blur blur anyway…I really lack of sleep this year and I not like other feichai will sleep none stop coz I scare sleepz will kill my time but it make my heath drop as well.

Achievement for 2007
Talk about achievement since that I was only blog in one years but it really affected my whole life and I never been so happy for many years. Really thankz to my honey FZ50 have been through so many memorable time with me. I did went to many places and particapate many events for photo shooting at the same time I know many friends from blogsphere. They were really true and love frens although within just short time such as Eugene, Hung Wei, Mich, nkwai, Hiew, Eri and more….By the way, I also need to thankz for my old buddies that always accompany, ecourage and scold me such as Ahkwong, Myin, Lynn, Anston, Khai….

It was so much to describe my feeling and experience for the previous years anyhow let the pics tell my whole process for year 2007. Blogging was so meaningful for me …….

Am I Celebriti Maniac….. Many friends said so…
Image Hosted by
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The bloggers I meet for year 2007.
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Pratice a lot during model show….
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Image Hosted by

My Old friends and Buddies
Image Hosted by

Vacation and events that I particapate for last year.
Image Hosted by
Image Hosted by
Image Hosted by
Image Hosted by
Image Hosted by
Image Hosted by

Still got more de……but really lazy to digg it out….

1) Still the same….must get slim this time.
2) Decipline myself.
3) I want to change my lifestyle, i want to change…….everything.
4) More motivation and more concentration on everything.

That all for my this year resolution….wish everybody Happy New Year 2008

12 thoughts on “Resolutions for year 2008

  1. jian

    I help you put 1 more target..
    taking a photo of me 😀 Hahahahaha… (muka tembok)

    maybe should be my target instead Hahah 😛

  2. Anston

    Haha… so many events been through last year, wow! Hope this year will be more surprise awaiting, lol

    Wish u be more slim this year 2008, maybe a little first 😛

  3. Liew Post author

    Jason: Oh!!! really thanks for the complimentation for the pics and it took me quite some time to edit this. Hope u get a nice 2008 this year.

    Huei: I will go snap if Ron NG come again..hahaha 😀

    Ahkwong: ur pics better than me lar!!! I want to c u post more!!

    Myin: yah!! Really love those memory!!! let slim together!!!!

    AbbyC: Must take next time okie?!!!

    Jian: Can!!! no problem!!! Add my msn

    Anston: hehehe…can can can. no problem. Nice 2008 for u as well

  4. Calv

    Hey good luck in your resolutions….i too have a few in hand 🙁 hope we all do our best for this year …gambanteh kudasai!~

    oh yea nice pics though, and great pleasure in meeting u. :p

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