Random pics take by DMC-FZ50 : Moon and Landscape

Lazy to update the bukit tinggi image and not even got time to crop out and resize . Here upload some random pics which I snap from bukit Jalil with other pics.

I snap this while inside the Star LRT. the train was heading to bukit Jalil.


I know one blogger stay this condo. Danielyc.com. Snap from Bukit Jalil.



2 moons pic took from different time. I remember that time I was taking this pic with Lynn and Ahkwong



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9 thoughts on “Random pics take by DMC-FZ50 : Moon and Landscape

  1. Jason

    LOL. I was thinking about digital zoom also, but I never like digital zoom cause the pixels will burst. Aperture F9, your shutter speed sure very long loh.

  2. Liew Post author

    ahkwong: Send u there to experinece i think..lolz

    Jason: yah the shutter speed was long. I heard ahkwong said u got play the canon mark 3 before. how it is?

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