Pikom PC Fair at National Convention Center KLCC

Last Sunday I went to Pc Fair with my buddies again damn tired due to last day just came back from Genting and then went to cafe play dota until late night some more. I not feeling want to go that day but I had promise people already. Crowded of people that day and it was very difficult to park our cars. it took us more then a hour for jamming and looking for carpark.

We assemble at the fountain there. look at the people!!! It was 4pm that time.


Lynn walking the first to lead us.


I just felt that nothing difference compare to the previous pcfair. Pricing might cheap a bit but of coz more free giftlah. Those small accesorries like thumbdrive, mp3 player were cheaper on pcfair.


I suppose to upload the Genting pics but I read through petalingstreet.org found that many people post about PIKOM PC FAIR and so shocked that Anston has post the 1st among us. A bit kia su then feeling to post this first…lolz.


Come to pcfair sure cannot miss out to take pics from the showgal. I might only post few pics only cos all pics almost same angle and same pose which capture from Ahkwong and Anston. Besides, thier pics more better. You can link to thier site and check it out.





Ahkwong with the songko pose…kakakaka. My post end up here.


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13 thoughts on “Pikom PC Fair at National Convention Center KLCC

  1. Anston

    Woah, kia shu then 55 post it out ar? hehe…

    Tat ahkwong really look stupid in this post 😀
    (i think he will kill u 1st)

  2. Liew Post author

    Anston: Still okeymah, I think the image of the day is ahkwong. XD

    Ahkwong: hide 1st….gegegegege….

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  4. Liew Post author

    Malaysia buzz with YeinJee: Woot!!!! thankz for doing this. I am very appreciate.

    Zen Master Says: Not so sure coz that day was to crowd of people and getting into a late time. I really dunno got any activities there but the showgals was very sweet there.

    conan_cat:Aiyo Why don’t Ajak us so me should go together mah.

    Neo:thankz, if next time got leng lui sure will inform u can.

    huei: Maybe next time will have de coz like Hong kong also got Mr Nice Guy contest,

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