9 thoughts on “Old Memories of Penang

  1. Neo

    Nice pics, all very beautiful. What camera you are using?
    I am thinking of buying an entry level DSLR, which one do you recommend? I am an absolute beginner. 🙂

  2. Liew Post author

    sc_bone: oh!!!! thankz

    Neo: Semi DSLR is actually still Digital camera but the function were more to DSLR. Disadvantage were the lense fix and can’t change ex: canon S1S5, S1S3 series.. The bigger digital camera but still can add converter.

    My purpose on buying Fz50 is because of the Leica lense. and the F 2.8 is very good with it. ISO 100 – 1600 but only can use until 400 and the rest will be noisy.

  3. Neo

    “the function were more to DSLR”? … how can that be?

    Oh, you actually meant Canon S3IS, and S5IS, right? Sorry, but what’s a converter?

    Thanks for your tips.

  4. Liew Post author

    Neo: there got 3 type of converter lense: telephoto, macro and wide but actually the quality is not that good compare to the original lense. it was a add on lense.

    DSLR got more function and features, u can view it all at http://www.dpreview.com. Strongly warning dun buy Olympus one coz the crop x 2

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