No ideas for blogging; Any suggestion?

Kinda lasy to post up photo section already coz didn’t take any photos this period. Sometimes I really don’t have any idea to post up something. I seems like no time to write things at all coz once going back home eat, watch anime or dakei then sleep for the next continue to work. Sunday and Saturday might be have some event to allow me for photo section…thats all.

I am missing college life orelse I might have a lot happy stuff to post up. Too pity I still dunno what is blog during that time plus no camera last time.

Instead of food and gathering what else I can post. You guys and gals might have some ideas ..hoh? got any suggestion mah…. what I should post up for my blogging future?

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4 thoughts on “No ideas for blogging; Any suggestion?

  1. Liew Post author

    Jason: yah, I try to find some of my old old photo and post it to my blog. !!!!

    Anston: Dakei for me is like Da mah jong. I think is my life sequence already. Event…em…. I might think think.

    Nastasshea@Nesh: Opinion in sex, pre-marital sez and co-habitation!!!!?? wooh, I never think it before!!!! kakakaka thkz thkz…I might try to write it out.

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