MyFM 50 Hours Outdoor Broadcast at Sungei Wang

Yoz!!! here come weekend again, so fast can!! Kinda miss to read many blog this period. I went to Sungei Wang for close look MY FM DJ and a few special guest yesterday with my buddies. I get this info from MY FM official site , so this event will last until this Sunday 12pm and don’t miss it to take photos with those celebrities there. kekeke

I represent my blog as a reporter went there to take photos kekeke!!!! It was about 6.30 pm yesterday, people was crowd and all assemble at the Sungei Wang Entrance there.


I spot Jack Lim there as MY FM DJ.


I spot Pheobe Yap


I spot Xiao Yen as a 3rd runner up winner from the Astro talent singer contest 2007.


Bing Lai the 2nd runner up winner from the Astro talent singer contest 2007(left) and Xiao Yen (right). They both were interview by the MyFM DJ.


Here come the second guest, Daniel Lee(I heard crowd screaming!!!!)


Random pics from Daniel Lee


I skip the 3rd Guest coz it was quite special one but dun worry ok!!! I will post it on Monday…lolz the fourth guest of the night. I only know his Chinese name Jing Yi (Jim isiit?) ok but I think most u guys and gals sure know him coz his did some program From Astro Aec.



Camwhoring with MyFM DJ- Mei Yan

Me and Mei Yan


Myin and Mei Yan


This was a special guest(3rd guest)!!!! Gal don’t miss it plz!! I will post it on next Monday…keke


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17 thoughts on “MyFM 50 Hours Outdoor Broadcast at Sungei Wang

  1. robin

    Hey hey…
    long time no come here oledy, ahahaha been busy…
    anyways, though I am not that into chinese songs, but i do admit daniel’s songs ROCK !! Not bad for a malaysian artist.
    So nice u have a chance to see him !!!
    How i WISH…

  2. kah mun

    i so happy that because i am the only person who stay upn to 50 hours without sleeping to for their broadcast.actually,i suppport mei yan.

  3. fattien

    Robin: me also long time din’t go to ur blog already. Btw, really thankz that u still coming back to read my blog. Come back to KL lah then u got change to see them….lolz

    spookygrace: ok ok!!! 🙂

    Anston: I think ahkwong blog it out already

    Kahmun: walaoeh!!!!! I really pei fu u doing that. I can understand ur feeling coz I have been like that before. So happy can kekekekek!!!!!

    AHkwong: U dun understand one!!! u r not like me lolz….

  4. conan_cat

    ahh lucky you got go haha… i only can listen to the broadcast on radio, darn~~ and eee daniel lee look liddat without makeup one ah… XD and uhh i can’t see who’s the special guest lor @__o who’s that ah???

  5. kah mun

    that moment i won’t forget in my life.i wa so happy because can be with them.thanks to lam tak wing and royce.when i feel bit tired,they spend me kopi(tak wing) and eu yan sang kai cing(royce).

    to:conan cat.
    daniel lee look little bit ok cause never mak up.

  6. Liew Post author

    Conancat: I only can watch a few part only. Got makeup and no make up sure got a lot difference. U compare that Myin with Mei Yan in this post and in previous post……hope she dun see this orelse she will come hit me again…lolz

    Kah mun: Oh, really thankz for coming back to support my blog again. Haha, u really have a lot a happening there. Watching it from the starting until the end.Wonderful experience and moment u have there. hehe

  7. kah mun

    thanks for comment.i really have nice experience there that i won’t forget in my life.hope in the future there will be more outdoor broadcast by t hem.

  8. Liew Post author

    Kah Mun: Always welcome!!! got event leave msg here I might go there to help u take photo…..hahahaha

    Myin: kekekeke…..

  9. Kaila Yu

    Hi…I Googled for wei yu, but found your page about MyFM 50 Hours Outdoor Broadcast at Sungei Wang…and have to say thanks. nice read.

  10. Kaila Yu

    Hello…I Googled for kaila yu video, but found your page about MyFM 50 Hours Outdoor Broadcast at Sungei Wang…and have to say thanks. nice read.

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