Moon pic capture by FZ50

It was damn jam along the road and it was about 6.45 pm on that evening. I have nothing to do just watching the sky and clouds. I really love the blue sky and cloud but this time I discover something.
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I saw the moon by early and the sky was not dark yet so I took out my camera and ready to capture. I knew my camera was very weak on taking night picture cos by the heavy noise and so I switch it to M mode and turn my ISO higher.

Moon in 16:9 size with the buildings
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zoom in still clearlah but cannot stand with the full SLR with power lense
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Photo capture in 3:2 format. When the day almost dark the image quality start to drop.
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3 thoughts on “Moon pic capture by FZ50

  1. conan_cat

    whoa cool picture you had there! 😀 must be a nice slr camera you have, not easy to take pictures of da moon. 🙂 nice shots in your blog, hope to see more pictures here k! me wanna learn stuff oso haha

  2. fattien

    Conan_cat: oh… paiseh paiseh. mine one is not a full SLR but semi SLR. Thkz for dropping by and ur compliment. ^_^V

  3. kokwah

    Very nice shot. I’ve been trying to capture the beauty of the moon back in couple of years but failing to do so… Keep it up..

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