MCA CONCERT for Merdeka : Malaysia Jiwa & Semangatku 2007 All-Stars Concert

Last Saturday Night I join Lynn, Nkwai, Eugene, Eri and Anston for this Malaysia Jiwa & Semangatku 2007 All-Stars Concert on Sept 15. The place was located at Dataran Merdeka, since I have come here for many years already but it still so beautiful here.
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We have a group photo at the Merdeka Field there. I am really appreciated to the Rela uncle who bring us in that night coz we didn’t bring along the entry ticket. So we can snap picture for more easy.
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u guys can link this image!!

The show start but still have to wait for an hour for the minister and datuk speech. After that got advertisement and so so….
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This two people snapping like nobody business there. I took thier photos but just ignore concentration can!!!


The two hosts of the night.


Astro Talent Quest 2006 Champion Anthony Chang


Zax Lee


Christy Tan


Actress-singer Stella Chung (little angel)


Quincy Tan


Local Chinese hip hop artistes Danny One


Penny Tai


Nicholas Teo


Beyond’s Steve Wong Ka Keong


Hacken Lee


Still got few singers picture didn’t manage to post up coz the image spoil already. sorry!!! If you want to view thier pictures can go to Lynn, Anston and Eri site. It was a unforgetable night. Penny Tai, Hacken Lee and Beyond was my favourite that night. My post end up here.

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