Malaysia GP Festival 2 :Miss Sepang F1 Circuit Contest

Refer back from yesterday after finish photographing for the classic car exhibition at TimeSquare Main Entrance we continue go back the center for Sepang F1 circuit event. We still need to wait for few minutes before the Miss Sepang F1 Circuit Contest start and so we just walk around.

The promotion for the silverstone tyre. I do concentrate on the nice Tyre rim but not about the quality of the tyre.

Audio system promotion. I like the car “Subaru”…XD

Thkz for MingWei help me to take this picture. I forget to tune the ISO and lens so the image color look dark and noisy…..Ahhhhhh wat a waste..T_T

Crowd of crazy photographer!!! Most of them are came from Newspaper company others proberly will be blogger or maybe fans I think. I saw many huge DSLR with Super Lense….alamak. I almost can found all the brand there such as Nikon, Canon, Pentax, Leica, Olympus and even still can found camera which run with filem. I always think that my camera would be big sizes but I am the only tiny Lumix there…lolz.

I can’t take very nice image there due to the low lightning and the flash affect by other cameras so my image might drop quality.

The Miss Sepang F1 start!!!!

Close up

The DJ come all to have his speech and introduce the judges.

Cat Walk and posing Section



No.9 and No.8


No.13 and No.14



No.15 & No.16


The Contest continue but I have to rush to other place at that moment so tata… my post end up here.

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12 thoughts on “Malaysia GP Festival 2 :Miss Sepang F1 Circuit Contest

  1. Neil

    HI! Was in KL for the whole of last week. Wanted to meet up with u eh but din really have time to arrange and contact u. Maybe next time la….. Haha

    Anyway, seems like u had a good time there huh with all the leng luis, even took pic with one (too bad not so clear else can put in wallet liao haha). She must have liked u else she wont stand so close n put her arm at ur shoulder. Once saw a guy wanna wrap round and hold her arm but got pushed away immediately!! :O

    Cheers 🙂

  2. Neo

    Wow, nice chicks! Which one is your gf? 🙂

    When is the final… or next round (I want to see them in person, maybe take some pics also)? Is the exhibition still available at Times square, until when?

  3. fattien

    Aceone118: Niceleh!!!! hahahaha

    Neil: Yo!!! can I have ur MSN plz 🙂 hahahaah. Just chit chat with melah dude. Hope to meet u up next time when u come to KL and dun forget to call me up. welcome ^_^V dude.

    Neo: I still dun have a gal fren T_T, But I wish all sepang gals are my gal friend…..lolz

  4. maria

    You must be in dreaming.. I guess all the guys there also wish these sepang gals are their girl friends lor…LOLz.

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