Lepak at Leisure Mall

Ohmy, I not use to working now and felt lazy now due to the holidays. I will be busy this few days but I try my best to upload my blog this week.

Last friday night we came to Leisure Mall to watch “Resident Evil : Extinction”. The movie start by 11 pm and so we just walk around as we came too early.

Pasar Malam infront Leisure Mall. It has been long time didn’t go to pasar malam already.


Camho at the bridge of Leisure Mall. Lynn post sot sot face.


From left to right : Anston, Myin, Ahkwong and Lynn



We spot someone at Wong Kok Char Chan Teng. Want to know who is this?


12 thoughts on “Lepak at Leisure Mall

  1. ahkwong

    Huei: Mou cho la, he is kwok chun onn!!!!!

    Princess Eileen: got meh? i’m not the one who most hang out with him… lol

    Fatty: I wonder when we lepak there d… =.=

  2. Liew Post author

    ahkwong: Thankz for helping me to reply me.. 😛

    Ahboon: thankz for the compliments…. u correct already is Kwok Chun onn. 😀

  3. Broken

    Can’t catch what you guys are talking about.
    Thought it was Andy Lau or what.
    Noticed that you have a good camera.
    Too bad for me, no fancy camera, just a damn Handphone.

  4. Liew Post author

    Broken: Is not Andy Lau…is Kwok chun Onn… you go view the pics at daisycave.com 1st.. Skill more important then camera:P

    Lynn: Hahahahahah 😛

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