KLCC photo session : Day and Night

Feeling want to post this quite long ago but saw many people post pics from KLCC before so I just ignore it until I get some pic from the night section last few days. Can compare compare mah. I capture the image with 16:9 sizes.





Starbuck cafe – I like the angle


Night view at KLCC






During night session, I was using night mode on my camera. I forget to bring along the tripod so I just sit down somewhere near there, target the scenery and place it on top my bag using time mode. I don’t want to touch my camera coz picture might blur. While starting to capture suddenly a gal coming by and she didn’t notice I was taking picture there.


I want to move away my camera by not aiming on the gal at the moment but I am using the sequencial capture method then it come out the result like this:


Just want to delete the above image but my friend said it was nice and sometimes image no need to be so perfect, blur also nevermind.

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9 thoughts on “KLCC photo session : Day and Night

  1. conan_cat

    eh, i like the last pic lor! looks pretty expressive to me, even tho a bit teee wee out of focus… accidents do make great art sometimes! 😀 and i like all ur pictures lor, especially the portrait picture of the night view with the moon high up, nice shot!!

  2. Liew Post author

    Ahkwong: Call you later.

    conan_cat: hehe, thankz. It just so nice if I were thera again. NIce moon and fountain. weather a bit cold coz just finish raining……

    Anston: snap one 😛

    Huei: Aligator Huei jiang!!!! 🙂

  3. fattien

    Kenneth: I got use photoshop to adjust the size only but didn’t put any effect unless the color not nice then I will adjuct the color balance sikit. I using FZ50 ^_^

  4. Eugene

    hey bro.. i like the last pic.. your friend was right.. pic doesn’t always need to be perfect.. the last pic definitely was cool!

  5. Liew Post author

    Eugene: Thkz wor kekeke. Waiting for u camera as well and next time we can come out to camwhoring!!! hehe

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