Just Dessert : The Curve

It was quite boring and tiring to work on Saturday as most of the Friday I will have my entertainment until late night and then wake up earling morning to work for the next day. I really do envy most of my friends can rest on Saturday….sometimes might consider to seek for a five days job but not that easy.

After work on Satuday I will Join my friend to have a break at anywhere else, so this time we went to the curve. since that I have been long time never been there.
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My mouth was quite itchy, we try seek for some light food and so we spot this place “Just dessert”, the dessert was not bad, taste good!!(recommend to try)
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“Fa sheng hu”
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Crispy Egg Tart
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Fried Lobak
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Croissant with Luna and cheese– I really love this!!!
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10 thoughts on “Just Dessert : The Curve

  1. Liew Post author

    lollipop: yah agree with u!!! the egg tart is nice but so far we only try few stuff only….hahaha I have no ideas at all.

    alexpikachu: hi !!!! thkz for dropping by and the comment things. pergi makan….heheheh

  2. cc

    Believe it or not, I’ve not been to the curve. Just ran out of time every time I went back. Must make a point to go have a look see next time.

  3. Liew Post author

    Rabbit: Do rabbit eat white carrot? lolz

    CC: Is okde…. I think I also went there for 2 times only. The place was nice But I still prefer to shop at KL and Cheras coz things cheaper.

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