I have won the 1st Prize for PiliPala Click click Contest!!!!

I was so suprise to hear that I have won that contest coz I tought I might get third even fourth place already. Special thkz to Aprilcherrie to organise this click click contest.
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(sorry for stealing ur imagebanner)

First of all I have to feature out some people to help me click Aprilcherrie click click contest and special thankz to them:

Buddies, friends and blogfriend:

Ahkwong from http://blog.ahkwong.com
Ming Wei from http://daisycave.com
Michelle Poh Moi Hong
Catherine from http://girlny.blogspot.com
Sogua from http://sogua.mamakcorner.com
Dandelion from http://here4nicole.spaces.live.com
Meizi from http://meizi0306.spaces.live.com
Waimun from http://bebe82.blogspot.com
My sister


All the blog friends who have click once above on the click click icon contest.
All the Readers and strangers.
All the friend form cyber Cafe.

Thkz to ppl who congrat me:

Babyjen from http://babyjen1983.blogspot.com
rosewong from http://rosewong.com

Still cannot figure it out what name I going to use for the next domain hahaha. tell you all soon!!!

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8 thoughts on “I have won the 1st Prize for PiliPala Click click Contest!!!!

  1. Liew Post author

    Rose & huei: thkz !!!!! Sure I will announce but yet still busy in this two weeks

    ahkwong: em…. nothing to say?

  2. Neo

    Congrats, must belanja makan! Haha… Now that you have so much hosting space, I want to do a humsup site, can tumpang host you there or not? 🙂

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