I am Kerry’s Prewedding test shots

The Prewedding shooting was happen last two weeks ago before Hari Raya start and the place was located at Taman Bukit Jalil. The recreation park got lakes, garden, wooden bridges and many partition which was recomended for taking Pre Wedding shots. The makeup session was done at Sri Petaling and thankz for all the hardwork by our makeup artist Pei Yee.

By the way, I have to thankz for engune, Nkwai, Shirley and Aaron. I really appreciate thier afford to make this Photography session sucess. I was unable to take any shots that day due to my finger injury which crush by the car door and even now I only can use the mid finger to click the shutter. Below the photos was random taken by photographers that day.

The makeup session






My post end up here!!!

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