Hong Kong style Food

Every Saturday, me and my colleague used to eat at Happiness restoran at Time Square. I try to make a change so we went to Low Yat plaza lower ground to have our lunch instead of having lunch at U-village coz too many people.

This restoran was just facing the Model shop and easily seen when you come from the direction of Imbi plaza.

Mr skeleton order this..

It was around RM 6.90

Dai Koh order this.

It was around Rm9.90 included a mushroom soup plus with drink.

I order this… it taste good with the beef and sotong. It was like eating cintan mee but the mee is better then cintan mee for sure. The price was around RM 8.50(expensive T_T)

I recommend another place which was very good in Hong Kong Style food and it was just near Sungai Wang entrance there which in front of Lot 10.

I used to order this… The “Ginger Onion Beef Ho”. It taste so deliciaus and it was best combine with the sauce and fresh half cook beef. This dishes was difficult to find at KL coz freshy beef was difficult to prepare by hawker and ppl at KL order “hokkien” or “yingyong” rather going to choose Ginger Onion Beef Ho so I only know 2 place which can found in KL. One is this restoran and the order one was in Petaling Streets (coming soon).

It was around RM 8.50.

If you felt that the dishes above dishes was expensive. You can come here to Jalan Baba near Shaw Parade.(place that near my working place) I will bring you to this place…

Wan Tan Mee

Curry Wan Tan Mee

Taste good and cheap which was only cost you RM 4.00(big sizes) RM 3.20 (small sizes)

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