Home, Bukit Jalil and me.(part 2)

I remeber that day was Saturday. I didn’t went for the gym coz my leader got his own things to do so I went back home early. By that time I got nothing to do so I went to take a few snap on Bkt Jalil garden.

The rain was just stop and a bit windy…. It was so good to have a walk to release my stress at there since that I never go to walk inside there for almost n years already. (For ppl who long hours facing infront the computer I recommend you come more to this kind of environment.)

I start to walk from the car park and cross the bridge to reach that place. So I saw the lake…
It was a nice scenery and really nobody around…. so peaceful and quite.

Before I climb … I found a culte little water plant here.

So I start from here….

Where I reach up there I take a shot on this.

After that I continue go for another climb…(damn tired coz lack of exercises nowadays)

Until I reach higher I saw that Globe over there.

Here come the final climb….

So tired. I took a 10 minutes break there. lying on top the glass… since nobody around i dun care.

Besides, I still did some pratice on photographing. So guys and gals !!!! give some comments plz..

I dunno what this flower in English words.


Water lily

After a rest, It was time to go back home. So this end of today post.

(way back home)

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