Having great time with my relatives from oversea.

It was kinda busy last week and less time to blog!!!! I think this will be continue until the end of this month. It has been long time never work from day until late night for few days and I found it very tired compare to last time. Last time I even can stand for four days for none sleeping but now cannot make it even one day maybe coz by the growing age started to get weak already….lolz.

I suppose to upload this post earlier and hope it was not late so. It was about my relatives have came to visit KL last 2 week ago and yet have never meet them before. It was so excited!!! Below was my uncle(right called as “tai bak”) came from Hong Kong and my cousin sister “Alice” (from left) which was snap from one of my aunty house.
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It was bad coz I can’t took more leave to accompany them. If they came next time I sure will bring them to visit many places in KL.

My uncles, aunties, cousin and parents.
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Left (my “Ku mah” from China, it has been more than ten years never meet. I quiet miss her but she was a very quiet person), mid (also my “Ku mah” which stay from PJ) and right(my mother)
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Photo taken from my home. Yoz!!! I look so fat in the middle and I think I really should dietloh!!! I might take Ah pak advice to control my body weight althought it was very tuff to me.
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Best wishes and thkz for coming to visit us in KL. (left Bak mo)
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7 thoughts on “Having great time with my relatives from oversea.

  1. jasonphoon

    wwhhat ? you can not sleep for 4 days ? wow , i can only do that for 2 days.

    oh u know what ?! we’re related ! those are my relatives ! Actually , just kidding. But I won’t be surprised if all chinese are related a few generations down, know what I mean ?

    haha , take a break yeah.

  2. Liew Post author

    jasonphoon:hahahaha….ok. I sure will take more time to relax coz feeling want to sick di.

    Rabbit: ooo the 4days one I work as a stage design for convo during secondary school. Now I am working as a graphic designer

  3. Liew Post author

    Ahkwong: Forget already meh that time during secondary school for convo for the stage design….. we all work there but u sleep…lolz

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