Having fun in Gabai Waterfall shoting session.

We have planning to going this Gabai Waterfall last Sunday early in the morning. We assemble at 10 o’clock in the morning near Lynn house which located at Hulu Langat. It was damn struggle woke up in the morning especially Sunday. I prepare my tripod and camera during this waterfall shoting session.

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Actually this place was quite near to KL city but most of the people don’t like to come to waterfall because the
environment got mosquitolah, need to climb and climb downlah, go snakelah…..blah blah. It took us less than one hour to reach there.

When appraoching there you can hear the loud waterfall sound clapping on the surface. So we start to climb the stair ……kinda high the stair and it took us so much energy to reach the top there. For those people like me that less doing exercise sure will tired and exhauted like hell.

Anston was climbing– can see through his expression was damn tired.
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But sometimes ages does matter, see Eri so fast reach there already.
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I was sweat like mad and it make me no mood to take photograph at the moment. Advice other ppl plz dun bring many things there orelse well coz u suffer when climbing up the stair. Somehow Eugene bring the most that day…lolz. I was quite worry about my camera that day becoz the place was wet and slippery. Once u drop ur camera and that is the end. Dry box might advice to bring along if u bring your DSLR.


Oklar, I don’t type so much now.
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Camwhoring time!!!

Nkwai – When ur camera service alredy lets come again…hehe


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Eri Peng dot net


Ahkwong– Very scare his Camera will drop to the water..but somehow he handphone was wet already as he forget to take out from his pocket.
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Myin and Ahkwong
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Lynn and Myin was having fun with the water.
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A group pic
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Myin was posing great !!
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One piece!! My post end up here.
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14 thoughts on “Having fun in Gabai Waterfall shoting session.

  1. Anston

    Grr… Put me on the table?! Sei Fatty ar! U got nice “Cute” pose on my hand ler, ngiek ngiek…

    SO shall we bring Livita or Red Bull along next time? lol

  2. fattien

    Earl-Ku: Yah!!! The water was so cooling, felt like want to go there again. Thkz for the compliments.

    Ahkwong: Share share loh

    Lynn: me too 😛

    Eri: hahahahaha

    Anston: didn’t put u on table before mah, 1st time wor…lolz

  3. Liew Post author

    DLG: Miss lynn bring there one…no idea hahaha. Thankz anyway 🙂

    Conancat: cheras batu 9, further reach hulu langat there. near Ulu yam and Semongih.

  4. Mich

    hmm….since u know ulu langat, den i let u knw ya~~ there’s one bukit, where u can view whole KL scenery… veli pretty at nite

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