Happy Feet!!! Must watch!!!

Finally, I have change my theme. It took me some times to edit and I have to thank for Mr Chua and ah kwong for teaching me how to used wordpress and I didlearn many things in blogging.

Ok lets come back to our title.

Every Saturday, either Time Square or Sungai Wang will have many events such as little concerts, fashion show…… So that day I found this…

Cute penguin!! Although it was as custom but it look so addorable.

The movie title was “Happy Feet” and it will be released on this month 16. I sure will c that movie.

I did record a bit on that moment.

The nice shot of the day

After that, I walk to Sungai Wang and I saw this…

The promotion of the new comedy release in Malaysia. People were so crowd and I might not captured properly that day and yet I have to stand from a very long distance to captured.

The comedy was called “The begining. Thier face were so familiar but I can’t call out thier name.

and so this the end of this post.

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