Happy Feet (Movie)

Last 2 weeks, me(Arch), Ming Wei and Lynn went to watch “Happy Feet” at time square. It was so rushing that day coz Ming Wei came late. They were so hungry and only get 15 minutes to eat. Erm… ok let me Intro a bit of this movie first. It was mentioning about a penguin that very good at feet dance but can’t sing and by his feet he make his adventure….. I prefer the small one compare to the big one. They were some more characters such as love lace and a group of shorty. Overall was nice,good sound effect, good music and nice CG.

I need to write more this for all the latest post coz most of my fren said that my wordings were too short for all the previous post. So appreciated for them as I can improve more and share more for all the readers.



This was Mumbo.(main character of the movie)

Link here for the custom Mambo

Before we going to watch the movie we took our dinner at nearest place “UNCLE LIM CAFE”.
This time I make some changes on the photos. I add in frame and edited trademark as all previous pics too cin cai liao.

Nice and Clean scenery

Tasty white coffee

My Favourite breakfast

Lynn was so enjoying the Nasi Lemak. The price was around RM 7.90. Erm…taste normal. For that prices I can add Sotong, kerang and udang at mamak.

This is the end of today post.

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