Happy Birthday to the two “E” : Steamboat buffet at Sunway

I postpone the FRIM photos session 1st coz today is a special day for two person. Here I am to congratulate them both Eri and Eileen, Happy birthday!!!


Steamboat Buffet from Subang, sorry I don’t remember the restaurant name. I went there with Eileen, Mich, Anston and Ahkwong. Enegue join us at the middle session. Sorry, I am lazy and moody to write today. Below were our random pics.




8 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to the two “E” : Steamboat buffet at Sunway

  1. Liew Post author

    Ndmervin: The food there was better than Kuchai lama one. It seems like RM20 perpax. their BBq chiken wings was famous there.

  2. Princess Eileen

    Thanks thanks… At last got pic of me and you, I forgive you fattien. haha, just kidding. And thanks for the so many birthday wishes u wish to me liao… Have to admit I am old liao. keke

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