Hakka Food Restaurant at OUG Plaza

I dunno the exact name of this Restaurant and it was located inside OUG Plaza. The price is reasonable and serve with comfortable place. I came here to celebrate my father’s Birthday.

Curry Sotong – I love this so much especially with the curry and the sotong was freshy, I rate it 9/10.
Curry Sotong

Crispy Taufu – Is taste like normal crispy taufu from other restaurant and it was a bit cold when it bring out, I rate it 4/10
Crispy Taufu

Pork Slice with Yam – It my favourite all the time, the pork was so soft and so attempting with yam slic, I rate it 7/10.

Steam Soong fish head serve with Tausi souce – Is ok only but not as good as the Chan Sow Lin one. I rate it 6/10.
Steam Fish
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4 thoughts on “Hakka Food Restaurant at OUG Plaza

  1. shishi

    yes!!! the curry look very nice….
    or actually is ur photograph skill…
    so it look delicious…
    but u rate it 9/10,
    i think it really really nice to eat…

  2. Liew Post author

    CC: Is hard to find delicious curry food now…I usually will like to go for Nasi kandar and you will few the different..

    shishi: it taste really good with the curry !!! thankz for coming back

    tulipspeak: hehehe, go there to have a try!

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