Food & Tea (Hong Kong Style) Restaurant : Leisure Mall

Actually this Restaurant give me a bad image due to the way of thier services at Timesquare 3rd floor near cinema there. I went for a movie at Leisure Mall there last time and I have forget to upload this since 2 weeks ago. I just don’t want to eat Hong Kong style food already but there were less choices there so I did follow my frens came to this restaurant which near outside Leisure Mall and just beside Maxis center.

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The waiter and waitress here serve us better than the TimeSquare one and the quality and quantity of the food and beverage were taste better. The weather during that time was quite hot so I order this:

Strawberry Ice
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Oat Bread with Mushroom cream soup inside.
Before move off the bread top
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After move off the bread top
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And my friends order this:

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Hon Tou Sa
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Fried Yee Mee serve with Seafood
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Yong Chew Fried Rice
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I would like to recommend this place and it was more cheaper than the Mong kok Restaurant. It just matter that you have to walk out from leisure Mall.

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14 thoughts on “Food & Tea (Hong Kong Style) Restaurant : Leisure Mall

  1. DLG

    there are a few of this food and tea in JB. and they are packed most of the time!

    actually, come to think about it, they were one of the first honkie style restaurants in JB.

    i like their teng-chai porridge :D~

  2. Liew Post author

    DLG: I have try that before… don’t remember the taste already. As Long I eat porridge I will attempt it with “Fried Oil Tile”.

  3. cc

    I like their chinese name, very catchy. 🙂
    There seem to be quite a lot of Hong Kong style cafe around nowadays. Didn’t get to try them all when I was back. Only Kim Gary.

  4. huei

    woww!! looks really yummy! seems like everytime i read ur blog is in the morning..early in the morning edi hungry!! hehehe 😛

  5. Liew Post author

    cc> Next time you get back plz go to try the KLCC one. I love thier grill beaf burger. super recommended.

    AbbyC> WONGKOK!!! yah I agree that too. thier beverage was suks

    Huei> Eat more on the morning is good better than u eat more for the dinner and lunch.

  6. J2

    last time i take my dinner at restaurant food&tea(times square),when i taking my dinner suddenly got a mouse run out from the sofa,are it’s show ur restaurant very clean?

  7. agnes tan

    hi, i would like to voice out somethings that i really unhappy with the jusco selatan outlet there.
    not only 1 time i been there,but felt the enviroment not friendly & comfortable,the waitress & waiter do not have any manners, keep the customers waiting there more then 15min & did not pass the menu to them.
    for my, i experienced many times, the worst is last 2 weeks, i been there with my friend, both of us was waiting about 20min & no one pass the menu for us & even welcome us to come in.
    further, because that time might be a peak hours, definately have a lot customers, those waiter & waitress was busy & messy. the worst is those waiter & waitress was blaming each others on that times. so the arguement happend.
    i think this is not your company concept, means that your restaurant is not those concept make people feel unconfortable when their having their meals.
    I wish what i have write,hope the management look seriuosly on this issue. for the restaurant business, the service is a most important and for those staff, i suggest management able the let them attend some training.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Agnes Tan
    Tel : 016-6964520

  8. erica

    i would lik to complain bout d manager of food and tea in jaya jusco kinta city in ipoh. i saw d manager throw her customers jusco card to her waiter in a very bad manner. and oso there are many cockroaches under my sofa which make me and my friends very uncomfortable. also a few of my fren who works there before say that many of her workers leave because of her attitude. i believe her name was Sharon because i heard her workers yelling and shouting her name before they leave the shop.
    i hope the company will look after this seriously. if no action will be taken from this, this manager will not only spoil the name of this company but also upset other customers.
    i wrote this because i seriously like your food and the environment but i will not eat again at your shop if this were to taken lightly.
    (forgive me for any grammar mistake)

    Thanks & Regards,
    Tel : 0165033616

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