Estee Lauder Model Search (Top 10 from 3000): Part 3

Here come the final part of Estee Lauder Model Search. All the models will be given a interview and marking to be chosen for the final 3 places. So before that, there will have another perfomance for the ‘Ipoh Mari’.

‘Ipoh Mari’ were really good on live!!! Must buy thier CD to linsten. I record this short video from the stage.

here was the extra picture from the model posing during cat walk section.


This was the asking quenstion part and the judges will give marks from here. Usually Serena C will ask them how to keep thier bodyshape and skincare.


The chosen from the 10 models. RM50.000 prizes and money will give away to these models. Me kinda execited there. I prefer the 1st model coz she was so cute!!! Hope she got NO.1


The result come out like this: 1st go for Model No.5 with RM20,000, 2nd go for Model No.4 with RM 15,000 and the 3rd runner up go to No.1 RM 10,000


This was the close up shot for the winners.



Show End!!! And I really thankz for Myin and Ahkwong for bring me to this event. Especially kwong providing me some extra nice photo to post up.


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13 thoughts on “Estee Lauder Model Search (Top 10 from 3000): Part 3

  1. Liew Post author

    Anston: still got one more post de. but I might uplaod it later.

    Rabbit: hahahahaha, u dun said I also dun realise…. no lenglui means no life to me.

    ahkwong: dun be so “him hui” lah

    huei:u mean her look or her perfomance. look normal, sing ok okloh maybe not good as the CD one gua. My recording was bad during that day.

    Eugene: mari mari, next time got model event at KLCC. I will inform you.

    ahboon: lolz……….!!!! better ahkwong dun see this comment.

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