Dinner at LowYat Plaza’s Happiness Restoran

That day we suppose to go watch “death Note” at time square, but Ming Wei make mistake of it coz the movie still not release yet. I am damn hungry that night so we choose the closes place to eat which was near the entrance facing Time Square “Happiness Restoran”

Lolz! The megazine of last post was fake one and I took this photo while Lynn was ignorance so the expression was fully natural one at that moment plus with the comfortable lightning XD.
I edit the last post image from this pic.

Hope Lynn won’t come kill me. Ha ha ha….

The environment here was nice and I did took some pictures here.

Ming Wei had taken his dinner already so he didn’t not order anything but a nice drink.

and I have my cold yin yang with the set package.

This was nice when you get damn hungry coz size does matter and the price was RM 16.90 come with the yin yang.

And lynn order this

It look nice but taste normal only and the price was RM8.90. And my post end up here.

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