Christmas Night Gathering

Just came back from Kluang and the next day was Christmas. Oh no, I upload this quite late as well. Thanks for Vivian organise this so I can take some photo as well. We all gather by the 7.30pm that evening but I was so late that day, sorry dudes.

Left: Felicia, Fai, Iris and Uncle Yap’s sister

Right: Me(Arch), Yap, Auntie Yap(Vivian) and Uncle Yap (There was 2 Yap there.)

I remember I reach there almost 8.45 pm that night. It was so glad that I can saw Yap and Fai there coz they both had miss to attend Vivien&Yap Wedding due to some reason. I very value them all the time coz once we met then I have to wait another long long……. time together again since all of us got own destiny and busy for working.

Oh …. I almost forget to type what place is this. Here was “Kaki Corner” which very near leasure Mall. I have no time capture the food pics that day because I was damn hungry. Next time…OK!!!

My post end up here and there will be more coming soon.

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3 thoughts on “Christmas Night Gathering

  1. ah sam

    U`ve again done a good job Mr.Liew! Although u are LATE! Hello there….do anyone see the big fruit juice on the table!? (last pic) This was the ONLY BIG drink which ordered by Arch (ah liew) that day…usually people would like to share at least 2 persons with 1 serve! ANyway, thanks mate, for uploading so much of photos!!!

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