Chevy’s Got the Beat (Chevrolet): New Concept Car 2007

It kinda lazy by coming to work today as tomorrow was an public holiday. Oh well, since that was not so busy today so I go to check my blog and my email then I spot this new concept car called as “Cheavy beat” from yahoo news. Wooo….. At first I tot it was “Myvi” but the shape of the car was so cunning and only with 2 doors only. Em…I really dunno this car will release on Malaysia or not but if it really does and I think It might more expansive then Toyota Yaris and Honda Jazz.
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This was the size view of the Chevrolet Beat which other ppl capture from New York Auto Show 2007. I have no ideas the green color of the car was affected by the lightning or not coz it was so nice and fit to the car.
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Features of the car :

Designed at a GM studio in Inchon, South Korea, although the Beat was built in India, while the other two were fabricated at GM’s Warren, Michigan, Tech center.

The Beat is front-drive 3-door hatchback powered by a turbocharged 1.2-liter 4-cylinder engine mated to an automatic transmission. Designer Injo Kim characterizes his design as a micro import tuner that’s “simple, free and casual, with a strong heart.” And a hard-to-miss exterior, which is painted in a bright Vertigo green exterior. Even though the car is small, it rides on 17-in. wheels and has a larger rear wing, elongated LCD headlamps, flush B-pillar-mounted door handles, an aggressive front fascia and large rocker panels to give it a street racer look.

The interior is finished in black and titanium, while the dash and seat stitching carries the Vertigo green from the exterior into the cabin. One of the dash’s slickest features is a door on a center-stack storage bin that when popped up, the inside cover serves as the screen for the onboard navigation system.

Perspective view
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Back view – The back lights….oh gosh!!!! so cool
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The wheels
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9 thoughts on “Chevy’s Got the Beat (Chevrolet): New Concept Car 2007

  1. fattien

    Aceone: Nowadays car also small small de, parking easy and then save petrol as well. But I think not suit for me coz like big big guy stuck inside a tiny car.

  2. Liew Post author

    Huei: Actually now second hand car very difficult to sell de, even now still got many 2nd car outhere. I might choose a nice second hand car coz once u buy a new car aledi rugi liao.

  3. Frankie

    this is a sporty concept car..i saw it on newspaper too. i think looks nice lar… but price sure very nice too ahahaha.

  4. Liew Post author

    Frankie: em..hmm… the price not comfirm yetlah. Estimate will be around RM90k. of course I will wait for 2nd hand one.

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