Came back from Holidays

Ohno….I am back to work again. It was so so……tired but luckily I have no heavy workload for this few days. I just back from Johor(kluang) because of my x colleague(also buddies as well) Wedding. It suppose to have two wedding party I have to attend this 2 day but the second wedding diner my parents can’t wait for my arrival besides they have to fetch another relatives so I have miss the second one on evening. Somehow(after few hours break) I did join Ah Kwong, Sogua, Beh and few frens gathering on thier house for celebrating Christmas eve as well. I bring along with my home made whisky to the gathering….wala finish till last drop and talk until deep night. After the gathering we almost went back home by 5am already and I slept until 3pm for the next day.

Lack of rest this few days but yet I still have to rush to Setapak for dota warcratf. It was almost 5pm. Then Sunddenly Vivian(Aunty Yap) call me out for a gathering at Kaki Corner by 7.30 pm. OMG….I am rushing like hell coz I am playing 3 hours package at that moment. Anyway I still have rush to the for the second gathering for 9.00pm. So sorry ….. I am late!!!^_^.

IT was happy this few days. Anyhow I will upload my photos as soon as possible. Mr and Mrs Yap- Wish you have a nice Journey at Penang. My post end up here.

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