Brest Cancer Awareness Campaign Road show at Pavilion

Last Monday I was invited by Myin to this Brest Cancer Awareness Campaign event at Pavilion. Wait a second, I am a guy wat should I go there? (scratch my head). Actually we guys should know more about this to advise your gal fren or your wife to take attention to this campaign.

The Pink color means to support this Brest cancer Awarness Campaign. Estee Lauder was the big sponsorship of this event. Want to know more details can check on Princess Eileen site

The Bintang Circle at Pavilion.


Met Princess Eileen there with her sao sao.
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Ahkwong camwhoring with his D200


The host of the night
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Spot Kim Ong one of the Star Celebrity.
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Dr Ng Yen Yen giving speech for this campaign
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Myin Big Boss of Estee Lauder.
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Sorry!!! My battery end up here. For more detail can go to Ahkwong site and Eileen site.

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