Blood and Chocolate

Read or not read?(sipnosis)

Ten years ago, in the remote mountains of Colorado, a young girl watched helplessly as her family was murdered by a pack of angry men for the secret they carried in their blood. She survived by running into the woods, and changing into something the hunters could never find–a wolf. Now, though she lives half a world away, Vivian Gandillon is still running. Living in relative safety in Bucharest, Vivian spends her days working at a chocolate shop and nights trawling the city’s underground clubs, fending off the reckless antics of her cousin Rafe and his gang of delinquents he calls “The Five.” Aiden Galvin is an artist researching Bucharest’s ancient art and relics for his next graphic novel based on the mythology of the loup garoux–shapeshifters whose power to change effortlessly into the forms of both human and wolf was once considered holy among men. Wrestling demons of his own, Aiden hopes to explore the inner lives of these outsiders that he believes were persecuted to extinction–labeled monsters, murderers, werewolves. What he doesn’t know is that the loup garoux are not only very real, they’re far from extinct. During a chance encounter in an abandoned church celebrating the loup garoux, Aiden unknowingly comes face-to-face with the real thing, Vivian. Others may have secrets but none as extraordinary as hers, for Vivian is among the last of her kind, leading a tenuous existence under the protection and control of Gabriel, the powerful and enigmatic leader of one of the last packs of loup garoux on earth. After their brief exchange in the church, Aiden can’t get Vivian out of his mind, nor can she forget him. He pursues her until she relents and begins to see him, but she can’t bring herself to tell him the truth–and lives in fear of showing him what she really is. And what’s worse: her future, and who she falls in love with, is already predetermined. To keep their kind from being hunted to extinction, Gabriel holds them to strict laws. One is that he must take a new bride every seven years, and Vivian has been prophesied to be his next.

Last Wednesday, I join my friend Wei Tau to watch this movie “blood and chocolate” at TimeSquare theatre. This guy really crazy about movie but sometimes he did dissapoint us by persueding us to watch the bad movie but he still think that was nice movie. As an example: “Hidalgo”

Normaly I don’t watch any preview or sipnosis of any movie.
Wei Tau: This Saturday!!Come, let us go to watch “Hidalgo”
Me: What kind of movie is that?
Wei Tau: Adventure like Lord of the Ring!!!must watch!!
Me: Ohhhhh!!! Ok, I go then
(a picture of lord of the ring in my mind, I still remeber Ahkwong, Myin and Ming Wei was gather to watch this movie.)

After we watch the movie
Me: What the hell !!!! the movie overall talking about a horse. What a dissapointment and felt like been cheated.
other frens: Gr……gr……. nice movie oh… lord of the ring 🙁
Wei Tau:……….(I just pretend nothing happen in the world.

Come back to this movie “Blood amd Chocolate”
Wei Tau: This movie look similiar to “Van Hellsing”!!!!
Me: Ok ^_^V
After the movie
Me:The story was totaly sucks!!!! The visual effect was very cin cai!!!! People also look very sucks
Wei Tau: Gr…….gr…..
Me: ……@@”

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5 thoughts on “Blood and Chocolate

  1. Edrei

    The movie was based on the book which was crappy anyway. But…on the side note…the sound track is amazing. It got me hooked on the Gothic Rock band, Within Temptations who played the music for the trailers.

  2. fattien

    Edrei: Thanks for visiting and coment on this post. I go to do some research on this band. Sometimes I did like only soundtrack for the movie such as Avril Lavinge(keep holding on) – Eragon

    Anston: Lucky no call u come to watch this movie

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