Aircraft photo session

This was my first time doing aircraft photography, it was a very good experience. The procedure going into the airport was complicate as I need to wear thier clothing and bring in with pass….but anyway I let my director solve all this and my main purpose was snap none stop. The image I took here was all belong to corporate usage so not able to post many photos here.

The weather was not too good or too bad, the process stop as rain come in a sudden. Thankz for the function of CPL and I did shoot nice sky and cloud for the pictures I try to make it short today so direct show my picture below ok. Wish everybody have a nice Friday.


The wheels so big!!!

Hiding under the plane. so hot can…


Shot inside the manufacture.

Landscape picture. My post end up here.

8 thoughts on “Aircraft photo session

  1. hp84

    very nice picture taken at the airport. I have never been to the hangar before. The closest is i play in game. HaHA..

  2. Liew Post author

    amir: thankz….hehe

    swordie: haha…..actually is a task for me. The sun almost kill hot.

    hp84: Try to shoot what you can…there is a chance…

    huei: is nice during 6 30 to 7 30 pm but not nice at 11 pm to 1 pm. The sun killing me..lolz

    Clive: yah!!! Sugoi destsu. I dunno got chance to come back in or not.

  3. swordie

    ha ha ha… I can imagine the heat from the thousand square metres concrete surface… not good for nature worrior ya… 😆

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