Ahkwong and Myin Pre Wedding Photo Shooting Session at Lake Garden

This was my first to take part on Pre wedding session for Ahkwong and Myin at Lake Garden. It was greatful for them for let us the chance to shoot and trust for me to using his D200. Our photo team include Mikel aka splashmilk, Eugene, Hiew, Hungwei, Lynn and makeup artist Pei Yee.

Pre Wedding is not that easy that i tought, that was a lot to prepare. Anyhow, I learn a lot from this shooting session. By the way, I still need to learn a lot from the Sifu and try to develop some other skill to apply in my photography career. Special thankz to Mikel and Eugene especially first time to experience the studio lights setting apply potraits shooting.

Besides, we have to prepare items and list for the posing for bride and groom to follow at the same time for our reference as well. I am not going to type more so just let to photo tell so.


Makeup Sessions

Mikel, Eugene and Hiew

After Makeup and a close up shot for Myin.-photo shot by Hungwei

Behind the scene- Outdoor wedding photography is difficult compare to the indoor studio shooting as we have to face weather and sunlight problem. As a result, for every spot we switch we have to reset all the setting from the studio flashlight.
The Output



Behind the scene


Duotone effect


Bi-Filters effect

My post end up here and more coming soon

11 thoughts on “Ahkwong and Myin Pre Wedding Photo Shooting Session at Lake Garden

  1. Eugene

    so the sanfu… finally the outcome… satisfaction.. but there are still a lot more to improve ok?

    😀 a round of applause to all whom make this photoshoot a success!

  2. Liew Post author

    Eri : thankz..hehe

    Wing Loon: We are still learning…so so lar..

    Eugene: More wedding photo coming soon okie :D..more for u to learn.

  3. Raymond Chan

    Hi, first time here. I think the composition of the shots were great, but the dress is often overexposed. Perhaps you need to lower the exposure a little and try to bring out more of the dress details in your next shoot. Great attempt!

  4. fattien

    Raymond Chan: ohya!!! thankz for the advice. hehe. BTW, D200 is difficult to handle…lolz

    Anston: u watch too many movie already…lolz

  5. Belle

    Wow! Such a big team members…I am currently looking for a team who are doing out door photo shooting. I prefer to have the whole album to be out door. Only pre wedding photo shooting. May I know how much will that cost?

  6. Melcool

    Hi, like what I see. Would like to engage you guys for a outdor shooting. What is your charges like? Thanks.

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