A Surprise and A Good News

I was so ignoring while my friends told me that my blog have been featured on megazines until my colleague remind me again. My colleague told me that his wedding photos was on the last page of one of the IT megazines so I ask him that which megazines issit and he seems forget that megazine. After a while, Ahkwong told me that his colleague saw my blog being featured because the familiar looking logo of Alluringmemoirs under the pics at PC.COM.

And then I make a push of myself to check back the old megazines. Finally I got it!!! my blog is really being featured but it was release almost one month ago. lolz…I found myself so stupid and surprise. By the way, thanks PC.COM and Huei in advance for featuring my Blog.

I have scan the full page here. Click to enlarge.

在上一个月,有朋友把我blog被登在杂志的消息转告给我。当时的我还糊里糊涂当作不一回事直到我的同事再把他的婚纱照被登在杂志的消息告诉我一遍。 我便好奇的问他是那一本杂志但他却不确是那一本便说是有关电脑资讯的。后来,康弟确定告诉我是PC.COM的那一本杂志因为他的同事认得alluringmemoirs的LOGO。


My next good news was my new flashy Metz mecablitz 58 AF-1 digital. Waiting for many months and finally I have own it!! For more info you can check on this site. And my FL36 olympus flash will become my slave flash after all.



Flash testing on the fashion show at Garden: Avenue & DeGem



As a result, with flash on the the skin tone will be more coming out. By the way, still have a long way to learn from my flash and hoping to fully utilize it.

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  1. Liew Post author

    Jian aka miao: Thankz Bro!!! will post more photo soon and do often come visit :D.

    Neo:I was thinking to put wedding post for the next post. Ok lar i post fashion 1st

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