A short trip to Batu Caves : Morning session

The next day morning I mean Sunday morning we came again. I got a bit solute to Anston and Nkwai. Besides, I felt rufuse to come again especially climb up that stair it make me damn exhausted you know! Before that I have call out Princess Eileen to join us.

It took 272 steps for me to climb to the top. I felt like taking a few packs of 10kg stuff up there. Every 60 and 80 steps I rest a while and turning back to have a look for the whole view.
Batu caves

Blue sky but the city was hazy.
blue sky

Spot a monkey eating the flower.

Finally I reach there……legs pain and deep breathing.

From left to right: Nkwai, Princess Eileen (second time we met…hahaha) and Anston aka daisycave.
group picture at Batu caves

The scenery inside the cave was nice but caution for the people who bring along the cameras as the environment inside was very wet.
Scenery inside the cave

Ray of light inside the caves.
Ray of light

I didn’t do any effect for this picture and the wet air inside coz the steam on my lens surface.
Inside Batu caves

True mineral water..lolz.
water drops

Another group picture inside the cave. From Left to right: Nkwai, Anston, Princess Eileen and me.
2ns group pic

Before going back I spot a huge iguana near the entrance. Ohh, I always dream to own a huge iguana pet at home. Anyhow, I paid RM 5 for charity as to hold the iguana for camho…XD. I have to thankz NKwai and Anston helping me to take the photos.
me and iguana

My post end up here and bye bye to Batu Caves.
Batu caves

4 thoughts on “A short trip to Batu Caves : Morning session

  1. Broken

    Like that you also can spot the numberings on the staircase?
    I been to Batu Caves but I didn’t know that there is actually numberings?

    You made Batu Caves looks better!
    In my memory, Batu Caves is a NOT SO DECENT PLACE to go but now I feel like going there to take a second look!

  2. Princess Eileen

    I think the pic of you and the iguana looks great! Worth the money 🙂 Now I can see the differences from afternoon & morning session 🙂 Muahaha… so when I gonna see the (This is the 3rd time we meet… haha) 😛

  3. Liew Post author

    Broken: I go there for the main reason is to test my body stamina coz I might go to hike KK mountain next year. It was really tiring. Another reason is taking photograph and thats y my observation must wide at that moment.

    I like green green environment and cultural stuff. Addtional observation to ur surrounding, you might felt that the world is very beautiful sometimes. XD

    Princess Eileen: I always thinking to own one as pet and I really happy at that moment. Thkz for borrowing the money 😀 coz I dun have change…hahaha

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