4/11 Dinner at “Double Sword Happiness” Restoran.

It was a Saturday night!!! Great!!! I usually will go for DOTA after dinner. So before I went to Cyber Cafe that night with Wei Tau we went to eat at “double sword happiness” restoran(Actually I transfer it from chinese words) which was near Jalan Ampang.

Last time I seldom come here with Ah kwong, Myin, Zie Hou and Khai. It was a nice place to linsten to vocals singing and cantle light scenery. The food taste average and price was still okie.

That night I forgot to switch my DC to night mode and my image get burst a bit and here was Wei Tau’s grill lamb.

Ming Wei order this.

This food look so attracting when the waiter took out from the kitchen with the fire bursting voice under the cheese pot. Almost everybody around us were watching at us but actully the food taste normal.

I order this that night.

Is okie and I love the cheese. It taste better than Time Square’s Hong Kong style one. After that we continue went to DOTA.

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