29/10 Weekends!!!Oh Yeah!!!(part 1)

Woke up early morning again and morning call by a same old person Ming Wei. It was so lacked of sleep but no choice since I am going to capture picture today. So we went to Wei Tau house to fetch him first and the following one was Lynn.

Along the road i still capture some photos from inside Ming Wei’s car cos nice blue sky……

Path to Wei Tau’s house

After that, we directly went to The Mines parade as we have been so long never go there already and I am so miss the “Tong po meat” and “Man Tou” from that Hong Kong Restoran.

That place have nothing change so far.

We have trying to seek for that Restoran for an hour but still can’t find it.That moment we were so hungry especially Lynn didn’t take her breakfast as well so we gave up and change to eat at kenny Rogers. Sorry dudes!!!

So we ate this

Lynn’s Quater chicken

The following was this

We dun order this for sure but that time I was so hungry I almost eat it as I tought it was only a side dishes but actually was not coz the waiter quickly came to take it away, and it was belong to orders customers. lolz!!! can’t imagine what happen if I eat part of it….

And then this

My Jacket potato.

Lynn was god damn hungry

Silly Ming Wei laughing…..

That will be more coming soon!!!!

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