22/10 2nd day of Holiday

I woke up by 10am this morning. Sunddenly, Ming Wei message me to go to Ikea and of course i dun refuse it.

By the time of 2.30pm he wait at my home entrance there. So i saw few gals inside the car and I am so excited but when i go near….. They are Ming Wei’s mother and sister. I felt myself at the top of the snow mountain.

The curve

It is so bad that the shopping mall dun allow us to capture picture and my Camera too big as well so i only can take few pics only.


It was so warm and thirsty at the moment since that we were waiting for Ming wei’s mother to buy house assesories so we went for a drink at A&W. It cool us down.

After they have bought thier stuff, we go to the pet shop at Ikano. Pictures are not allow to capture too!!! sienz!! but at least I have shot a pic outside the pet shop.

It is time to went back home, so we decide to have a dinner at Cheras there. The place look not nice at all but the steambot is great and the price is not expensive as well. I can’t capture the brand of the restoran coz the it is too dark, but at least i got this pic…

Each ppl cost RM12 ++ only. Thks your mum for belanja us…:)

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