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Very very late Birthday post for Nkwai

This post has almost delay for two weeks already..lolz..sorry yar nkwai. We have our dinner at Yuen Steamboat located at Bandar Sunway. I sure many know this place because of their famous BBQ chicken wings . I took very less picture during this session due to my the sticky and oily hands, I just so hungry at the moment.
Birthday celebration

After this session we move to the second round at OUG dessert house and enjoy my favourite Mango Sai Mai lou.
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Get tired for camhore… try to play some different stuff too.. Okay My post end up here and wish everybody have a happy weekend.
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Meet the old classmate Shyr : Vote for Joshua

It has been five years estimated we didn’t met this guys Shyr Foong as our secondary classmate. Thankz to Anston as MingWei has organized this little gathering at old town Kopitiam at Cheras.

From left to right Catherine, Lynn, Myin, Ahkwong, me, Shyr foong and Anston.

Catherine and Lynn

Shyr, is that any changes of us?

The guys pic!! Hope more activities and hanging out coming soon

Vote for Joshua

Another one thing here, WATCH TIS VIDEO & VOTE FOR JOSHUA, which can help him to stand a chance to win RM10k and belanja us to makan…wakakaka.

How to vote?
By clicking this link http://www.nuffnang.com.my/bigmacchant

For Nuffnangers, you just need to login to your account and start voting.
For normal viewers, you just need to have a simple registration and then you can start voting.

Meet the blogger Sandra.

Its been busy for this few days although it was holiday but yet got few shooting spot need to go which was my friend wedding, secondary school gathering and product shooting. By the way I am still cleaning half for my room…Omg still rubbish everywhere and today have to go back to continue cleaning.

Last week Friday night we came out to meet Sandra at Leisure Mall Wong Kok Char Chan Teng. Yo!!! first time met her and she bring along her friend Jingle and the other one i forget the name already..apologize yar T_T.

Me and Sandra

Sandra and Mich

Eugene and Sandra

Eugene and Kwong