Janice (衛蘭) Meet The Fan Session at Sungei Wang Plaza

Meet Janice at Sungai Wang Fiesta street last Friday evening 8 pm. I came with Hungwei, Lynn, Ahkwong and Myin early by 6.30 pm as there was a fashion start by 7.30 pm.


The time we reach there was 8 15 pm, somehow we knew the event will delay to 8 30 pm. The fans were crowded at the moment, I have to stand far away from the back. I am using setting of f 3.7, ISO 100, 1/40-60 shutter to take the image. There was only less then 10 pictures out of 150 was clear. The reason I don’t want use ISO 200 above coz I knew my camera handle noise sucks…lolz.

Random pics of Janice:

She sang 2 songs that evening.

13th April was Janice’s Birthday, her fans prepare her a early Birthday cake and a drawing potrait. She was touch by the fans.

My post end up here. More fashion series of Spring and Summer series coming soon!!!
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12 thoughts on “Janice (衛蘭) Meet The Fan Session at Sungei Wang Plaza

  1. Liew Post author

    Yozoranitesky: I actually stand quite far away and I did zoom all the way but most of the pictures are blur.

    Bean: Actually there was a schedule in sungeiwang.com, just check it there. Anyhow, thankz for dropping by.

    Swordie: hahaha, this you have to check it on the internet and linsten to the radio for whatever FM to get the info.

  2. Liew Post author

    Wing Loon: thankz for dropping by often.

    Amir: hehe

    Hp84: Her song was nice!! great voice!! do u go to her concert?

    ahkwong: hehe

    Nicholas: ya!!! did u go to her concert.

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