Y2J Album Promo and Autography session at Sungei Wang Plaza : 神木與瞳

Tawanese Rock band Y2J “神木與瞳” came to Sungei Wang Plaza by 14th December to promote thier latest Album 《為你而活》and Autography session. I went there just in time and the crowd was so overwhelming. I was standing far behind and troubling to get some nice shots due to many blockings and pushings.

A bit of thier history seek from wikipedia

Yuming Lai (June 25, 1984 -), was born in Taoyuan County, Taiwan, to a mother of the Atayal indigenous tribe. He graduated from Yongfeng High School and the Grand Cathay Institute of Technology. In 2007, he decided to participate in the One Million Star Taiwanese singing contest program. In January 2008, he was crowned champion of the competition.

Jane Huang (Huang Mei Zhen) (January 19, 1983 -), was also born in Taitung County, Taiwan. She too is a member of Taiwan’s Atayal aboriginal people. In 2007, she finished seventh in the One Million Star Taiwanese singing competition, but her strength in the rock genre was clear. With the strong support of her fans, she became the popular vote winner.

In January 2008, the duo got their big break when they were signed to the Universal Music Taiwan record label. Since then, they have released a Chinese version of the song “We Rock” from the Disney Channel movie Camp Rock. In August 2008, their debut album was released in Taiwan, China, and other parts of East Asia, with music videos for the first single “Live For You” and several other songs







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