Wu Bai伍佰 & China Blue Pre Concert Promo at Sungei Wang

7pm, 27 July 2007. I went to Sungei Wang to participate this 伍佰 concert promo with my friend Lynn that evening. I get this Info from http://www.sungeiwang.com.

Dubbed as the Taiwan’s ‘King of Live Music’, Wu Bai is one of the biggest Rock Stars in Mandarin Music territory. Together with China Blue, they released their first album in 1992, followed by live performances at pubs throughout Taiwan.


The Stage


I get there in 6.30pm at the same time waiting my friend rushing from her office. At the same time, I saw my ex-colleague Murotak which had been not meet each other for almost half year. Of coz he was a super fans of Wu bai.

I remember that time the 1st sight I saw him I tot his was a very fierce people but actually kinda funny and friendly as well.


Before Wubai enter the stage, the DJ from MY.com came here to offer some activities and free gifts as well. Me and Lynn have won two tickets that worth for RM100 each from the quiz. So Lucky can…hehe!!! Sure go to Genting for this great concert.


After some activities, Wubai have come on stage. Scream from the crowd!!! Wubai camwhore us at the moment.


Wu Bai’s

big big PICTURES.



Some random’s pic for Wubai. His band China blue didn’t attend this concert promo so I have no chance to snap them until concert that day.


After his talk and songs. Here come the Autography section.


Murotak bring his collection of wubai and prepare to let him sign…keke


Camwhoring with Wubai…weee!!!! (^___^)V Lynn and Murotak.


Me and Murotak


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8 thoughts on “Wu Bai伍佰 & China Blue Pre Concert Promo at Sungei Wang

  1. Liew Post author

    Rabbit: Oh Yeah. I will pratice hard that “huo duo wu” and go to hot at genting wubai concert. kekekeke

    Ahkwong: Yoz!!!!!

    Huei : heehehehe!!! thankz huei. Sure must go a lot of this event then snap snap and share share share.

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