PHOEBE 菲比 FIRST EP LAUNCH photo session at Sungei Wang

It was a super rushing day for me last Saturday, I run over to Sungei Wang to see Phoebe 菲比 first ep launch. I heard that many bad news happen to her durring her new album. She had spend 9 yrs for waiting her 1st album but yet many people still have to tease and crictics on her. Anyhow, I still support although I am not a big fans of her. Want to know more details (click but chinese article, sorry ar!!)

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Meet Phoebe, one of MY FM’s announcers during her first EP launch at 2pm on 29th September 2007 at the Concourse Level of Sungei Wang Plaza and get a free t-shirt personally designed by Phoebe and others freebies!Besides being successful as radio announcer, Phoebe also loves singing. Her EP first plug (Magic in Love) is currently aired on radio.

The host


Pheobe live on stage with the song – chu dian
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Pheobe potrait
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Friends come from overseas to support her albums with flowers, very touching scene!!!

Zoom out
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Zheng Wei Kang (Sorry, if spelling wrong) came to support too!!!
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Flowers from Nicholas Teo…

Who want to join on stage!!!
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The Fans
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Capture this from one of the fan’s flower – all the best to you!!!

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6 thoughts on “PHOEBE 菲比 FIRST EP LAUNCH photo session at Sungei Wang

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  2. kah mun

    fattien,do you still know who i am?i hope so.thanks for posting “Capture this from one of the fan’s flower – all the best to you!!! “.that flower is i give to happy me.

  3. fattien

    Kah mun: Yah!! I know who you are. Nice to meet you :D. I want to capture some addition scene and pics so I choose to snap the words you wrote for Phoebe. All The best to Pheobe again !!!:D

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