Hung Wei Graduation

我们的其中一位摄影伙HungWei伴终于在星期六那天毕业了,恭喜他哦!!除此之外, Hiew, Lee peng和AhKwong也一起到来祝贺。 以下这照片便是Hungwei的家庭照而且我还特别弄黑白(有怀旧的Feel哦!!)。

以下这里还有更多的照片, 按下小图以扩大照片:


Felicia : Behind the scene(幕后花絮)

If you want to refer back to the previous model shots of Felicia then click to this link. This time I would like to show you some behind the scene shots.

关于上一次帮Felicia的写真作品, 我还有几张幕后花絮的照片还没有publish出来。如果要看回之前的作品就按此连接

1# & 2#

3# 哎呀!!”What the …..” & 4# 不好意思 ^_^” “Excuse me”

Look at what michelle doing(right) while everybody is shooting the model.
5# 大家都认真的拍着felicia的照片, Mich你干吗拍我?

6# 往往还是会拍一些不一样的,认得以下图右边的那一个背影吗?

7# “开玩笑的 “ & 8# “严肃的(还蛮像黑社会大姐)“

8# 阿Kwong登着什么呢?

Sniper or Photographer
9# 这张可是很经典的,hiew伯伯的姿势有如越南的战兵而且还伏在石头边拿着一支sniper也似的。

10# 还蛮像一位导演的 & 11# session 2 的幕后花絮
12# 自由男神 & 13# black magic



Astro Star Quest 2009 Final

First of all, I have thank Hiew for giving us the entry tickets of this great show Astro Star Quest 2009 Final. The location was at Bukit Jalil Stadium Putra (indoor). Besides, it was my first time to see it live while this Astro Star Quest Have start from many years.
Astro Talent Quest is an annual Chinese singing competition in Malaysia organized by ASTRO Wah Lai Toi, which was first held in 1996.

This competition is aimed at showcasing and unearthing talents among young Malaysian Chinese between ages 18 to 28. The winner (and runner-up, of late) will then represent Malaysia at the International Chinese New Talent Singing Competition. Guest judges and artistes, which are invited every year,

The Stage for year 2009

In the initial format, the final 5 contestants are selected by judges who will battle it out for the title on one night performing one song and a talent time performance each. The top three will then be chosen by a panel of judges, where after they would be subjected to a series of tests which assesses various aspects of their vocal and singing ability,

Host for this year were Jojo吴俐璇 and 林震前

This year final top 5 were 刘界辉, 黄毓敏, Alvin 钟健桦, Ryan 涂富祖 and 曾洁钰. From this five talent my favourite voice is Alvin and yet I know many people support 刘界辉. Somehow, the result came out that 黄毓敏 get the champion and I think she deserved it due to her perfomance that day and the mean time 刘界辉 just lack of luck.


Sorry for cannot get nice pictures this time due to place was so far and I have use full length for it.


Special guest for the show 颜莞倩. I like her song “展翅高飞“ and she sang it well that day.

To bad I have to go back early due to the next day I have to wake up by 4am for working. So I miss Janice on that spot.