Kitaro Concert live at Genting Highland 2007 : 喜多郎

After a meal and some shooting progress we went to the stage waiting for the concert start. Is lucky that we bought the ticket early orelse we can’t get a good place to sit. As you see the picture below the place was fully sit.


OK lets talk a little about Kitaro, his original name was called Masanori Takahashi (高橋正則) and born in year of 1953. He can play with many music instruments and a composer. Kitaro is very modest. “Nature inspires me. I am only a messenger”, he has said. “To me, some songs are like clouds, some are like water”.

I start to addict to his music at high school period, New Age really roxks okie.I am not going to said anything now so let the picture explain.










Okay!! my post end up here and enjoy ur weekends.

9 thoughts on “Kitaro Concert live at Genting Highland 2007 : 喜多郎

  1. Lois Gilliland

    What a beautiful young, talanted violinist! Hope to see her on more of your tours! An arden fan.

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  3. Liew Post author

    Tom: Next time bah….

    Joan autry:…. this is not a fan blog..sorry. I don’t own the violist. But agree she was playing good that night.

    Lois Gilliland: I here wish her all the best for the next tour

    Khengsiong: Is hard to wait for the next time….

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