Last Friday I waiting for 2 hours from my company near timesquare because of this Emil Chau Meet The Fan session at Sungei Wang Plaza. The event start by 7 30 pm but was crowd at 6.30 pm.
Emil Chau
Emil Chau, who marked his 20th anniversary last year, has released more than 40 records in Mandarin, Cantonese and English. He has become a prominent name in the music arena in Taiwan and has fans of all ages not only around Asia but also in North America.

Emil Chau
He reminds me a lot of memories during school days, and the graduation songs also using his song “friends”. I think most of you very familiar to this song.

Randoms image for Emil Chau during the event session :
Emil Chau

Emil Chau

Emil Chau

A short video that I recorded at the moment. Hope you all like it.

My post end up here. More stuff coming soon.

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