Before mention about Cyndi Wang 王心凌 I want to notice that my blog was One Year Aniversary by today. Many things happen to me this blogging period as I meet a lot of blogger friends, sharing everthing….so so. Really Thankz to all the readers who support this blog…. Million Thankz. I try to make it short here coz too much pending and I promise will post what I have I meet this blogging period soon.


Okey come back to Cyndi Wang, same photo gang again which was Lynn, kwong, Anston. The event start by 7pm. First thing I want to say that Cyndi Wang show start early for the event unlike other that will you have to wait another half to one hour. It give us a very good impression!! 😀

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Cyndi Wang, Taiwanese’s pop sensation will be meeting her Malaysian fans at 7pm on 5th October 2007 at the Concourse Level of Sungei Wang Plaza. This meet-thefan-session is specially organised in conjunction with Cyndi Wang Live In Genting Concert in November 2007.

The host from MyFM – Royce Tan
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Here come Cyndi!!!
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A bit introduction of Cyndi:
Cyndi Wang has released 5 albums: Begin, Cyndi Loves You (愛你), Honey (甜蜜慶功版), Cyndi With U (王心凌陪你), and followed by her latest album Magic Cyndi. Cyndi Wang has also released her best compilation album known as Best Album: 閃耀2005新歌+節奏精選 back in year 2005.

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Outside her music career, Cyndi Wang has also starred in various Mandarin Chinese dramas such as ‘Westside Story’ (西街少年) and ‘Le Robe de Mariage des Cieux’ (天國的嫁衣) and the newest drama Smiling Pasta (微笑Pasta).

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Wang has had previous contracts under the companies “Jungiery Star Pte Ltd”, “D Music”, “Sony Music”, and “Avex Trax”. Wang’s debut was at an Avex Trax competition in 2003. She also went to Avex Trax’s music studio in Japan to learn dancing and singing for 3 months. After about 3 years since her debut in 2003, she finally had her long awaited 1-month rest in December 2006.

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